The City District is one of the most (if not, the most) popular district in EvoCity. The City houses the Nexus Building, the Bank of America, the AM/PM, the Fire Department, Izzy's Place, the Burger King and many apartments and shops ideal for roleplaying and players who seek to sell their crafts.

Places of Interest

The Bank of America

The Nexus

The Nexus(also known as The Government Center, The Police Station or The Government Skyscraper) is the tall building next to the spawn (the bank of america). The Nexus has 4 floors, not including the Jail and the Garage.

    • Notes: If you experience issues with the Nexus elevator, call an admin to fix it. This is a known bug where the elevator gets stuck after players spam the button.

First Floor (Ground Floor)

The first floor of the Nexus, also know as the ground floor, contains a small indoor zen garden, a desk, an ATM, an elevator to the parking garage and an elevator to the other floors of the Nexus. Also on the first floor are 3 NPCs. You can speak to these NPCS to Run for Mayor, become a secretary, join the Police, join the SWAT team, become part of the Secret Service, become a police dispatcher, register or leave an organization, or change your RP name.

Second Floor

The second floor of the Nexus can only be accessed via the elevator. Located on the second floor is the Police HQ. Upon exiting the elevator, you will find a desk and large insignia of the EvoCity Police Department. Next to the desk is an entrance to a hallway. Along the hallway are the entrances to a few offices.

Third Floor

The third floor of the Nexus houses the EvoCity courtroom. The courtroom is a great place for a roleplay experience and is where criminals are taken for their hearings following any illegal charges put upon the by the Police. Also located on the third floor are two decently sized offices.

Fourth Floor (Top Floor)

The top floor of the nexus (4th floor) houses the mayor's office and two decently sized offices. The mayor's office has a large desk and a few plants in it. The room is much larger than the other offices in the Nexus and is usually well guarded by SWAT or Secret Service agents while the mayor is occupying it. The office overlooks the spawn area, providing a good view of City for the Mayor. Be careful when going up to this floor as a civilian while the mayor is there. When the mayor is on the top floor, there is normally a KOS (Kill on Sight) policy. The other two officers are similar to the others located on other floors of the nexus. They normally make a good place for the Secretary and Dispatcher/Police Chief to call their office.

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