When playing on PERP roleplay servers, you may encounter a few confusing terms. It is crucial that you learn what these terms mean. Failing to know these terms or failure to follow them can lead to being banned from a PERP roleplay server.

Common RP Terms

CDM This term stands for Car Death Match. Car Death Match is the act of RDM with a vehicle. An example of CDM is any situation where a player uses his vehicle to (normally on purpose) kill other players with no liable reason. Normally, CDM is not punished as severely as RDM and will result in a short 30 minute to 5 hour ban if it is done on more than one occasion. However, the sentance for CDM varies from server to server.
NLR This term stands for New Life Rule. The new life rule states that once you are killed, you cannot return to the place of your death for a given amount of time (The time varies from server to server, please check your server' s rules for their version of NLR). Breaking NLR is often considered a serious offence and on most occasions, the players who break it are banned for a modest amount of time. NLR is commonly broken by Police Officers and SWAT members. Please see the Police Officer page for more information on avoiding breaking NLR as the Police class.
OOC This term stands for Out Of Character. OOC refers to when you are speaking as the real you and are not commincing in roleplay. Using information from an OOC chat to assist you in, for example, catching a criminal counts as METAgaming (please see the METAgaming definiton for more information).
IC This term stands for In Character. In Character can be classified as anything you do as your roleplay character. IC chats include 911, Radio, Org, Local, Yell, Whisper, Private Message, phone calls and advertisements. The non-IC chats are any marked with OOC.
META META or METAgaming refers to the use of non-IC information to assist you in a roleplay situation. META tends to be a confusing term for new roleplayers since it is very broad. An example of META gaming would be using information from the OOC (Out of Character) chat to find out that somone was growing weed. Those who break the METAgaming rule are usually banned for a modest amount of time, though some new players may recieve a warning if they did not realise what META was.

FearRP is the idea that if you have a gun to you, you follow the orders of the player holding the gun. While under the influence of FearRP, the player cannot equip a weapon from his inventory, attempt to run away, call for help (if the captor has used the /me command to steal your communication devices), refuse to follow commands, anything that may fall under FailRP. If someone is mugged for money, they must comply and give over their cash. Another example of FearRP is if a cop has his weapon aimed at you or if you have been restrained by handcuffs. Failure to abide by FearRP will result in immediate punishment. This punishment can be anything from a ban of a few hours, to a few days. However, the time of the ban varies from server to server.

FailRP FailRP is the act of failing to roleplay. An exampe of failRP is if a player is being arrested and walks into a fire/traffic to kill themselves. Another example is if a cop is going around hitting things randomly with his nightstick or hitting other cops around with it. Another example would be failing to follow fearRP. There are many ways to FailRP, but you can avoid it if you simply abide by all your server's rules. The normal punishment for a small FailRP is a kick or very short ban. However, upon multiple FailRP charges, the player may recieve a more severe punishment.