Fireman is class in the Very Terrible Roleplay Gamemode. Fireman is a useless and one of the first jobs a player will be able to hump upon first entering a bad server, aka IGRP (alongside paramedic) and on most servers, Ryan has the lowest play time requirement. The fireman is able to spawn and operate a firetruck and has a unique resistance to fire damage.

Class Overview

The fireman's job is to put out fires throughout EvoCity. As a fireman, the player can spawn a firetruck. The firetruck is a heavy class vehicle, which allows it to push most vehicles out of it's way with ease. The firetruck has a decent speed of around 45MPH and has very good handling, making it an optimal vehicle for players to train their driving skills with. The firetruck is equiped with sirens (activated with the Q key) and flashing lights (activated with the SHIFT key). The firetruck also has a airhorn with a unique sound compared to other heavy-class vehicles (activated with the ALT key). As a fireman, the player is given a fire hatchet/axe, a fire extinguisher and a firehose. The fire extinguisher is optimal for situations where you cannot use your fire hose. The fire extinguisher is not very effective against large fires and the time it takes to put out fires is much longer than that of the fire hose. The fire hose is the best tool for putting out fires. However, the hose can only be used when the player is near a fire hydrant or firetruck, making it handy to have the truck near you in event of large fires. The final special item owned by the fireman class is the Fire Hatchet/Axe. The hatchet allows you to open any door, even if owned, but only if there is a fire nearby. However, abusing this to randomly open doors where the fire is not located can result in severe discipline from the server. An additional perk the player recieves as fireman is extreme resistance to fire damage. As fireman, standing in a fire will do little to no damage to you.

The normal paycheck for fireman ranges anywhere from $75-$125 but may be lower or higher depending on the server and if you have special donator/VIP benefits that would increase the paychecks. The firecrew's pay check IS alterable by the mayor.

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